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About Us

Project Rewire is an initiative established by three nonprofit organizations in Athens, Georgia in 2017. Project Rewire is dedicated to empowering youth of Athens, Georgia, by rewiring the way they see themselves and their future. Project Rewire takes a holistic approach to developing youth in disenfranchised communities by impacting aspects of their school, home and community environments. The program uses innovative, fun and relatable approaches to reach students within environments that contribute to creating the individual youth. Project Rewire is dedicated to working with youth from middle school to their post-secondary education.

Our Mission

Our mission is to rewire the way youth see themselves, rewire the way youth envision their future, and rewire the way the community views the youth.

About the Program

We are inviting the students of Athens-Clarke and surrounding areas to join the Project Rewire initiative. There will be various events and camps throughout the summer and the school year. The program will be evaluated every year based on student participation and interest. We ask that students who are selected to make a commitment to attend our weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual events/programs/community service.

To Get Involved

To get involved, please fill out and submit below.

1. This application form must be completed by a parent or guardian

2. Make a commitment to attend all activities on a regular basis

Please note that information provided in this application may be shared with Project Rewire officers and youth coaches who will work directly with students. Please contact us if you have any questions!

Project Rewire Student Application

2018 – 2019 

Project Rewire Student Application





First Parent/Guardian’s Contact Information:

Second Parent/Guardian’s Contact Information:

To be filled by Student – Applicant:


Note to parents:
Please review the following points in the Project Rewire Agreement with your child. Make sure your child understands that by signing below he/she is agreeing to participate in activities and cooperate with the underlying purpose of the program. We ask that parents talk with their children to be certain of their desire to attend and to participate fully before registering them.

Agreement for those who wish to attend:
If you attend this program, do you agree to (please check all that apply): 

  • Meet the mandatory requirement of activities.
  • Be active and an engaged participant in the program.
  • Allow Project Rewire coaches to visit students at school and develop academic/behavior goals for students to achieve if needed. If in agreement, please write a letter to be on file at the designated school your child attends.
  • Submit a copy of progress reports and report cards each semester