Developing Youth

On the Field

& Off the Field

3D CHAMPS is a wholistic developmental Youth Football & Mentoring Program that focuses on providing:

  1. Leadership Skills
  2. Mental Focus Skills
  3. Bonding Activities
  4. Football Fundamentals & Skill Development
  5. Exposure to Competitive Team Football


This is why we’re the Premier Youth Football Program in the Northeast Georgia area:  

3D CHAMPS has a deeper meaning than just being a champ on the field.

3D stands for Discipline Determines Decisions. CHAMPS stands for Challenging Honest, Achieving Men, Pursuing Success.

3D CHAMPS is based in Athens, GA, and its primary service market consists of youth ages 5-12, within a 30-mile radius of downtown Athens. Our Youth Coaches will truly mentor your child for life, because they build a bond with your child, that will last a lifetime.


This is our Youth Football Program. The 2023 Age Groups are: 6u, 7u, 8u, 9u, 10u, and 12u.


The first component of DRF’s Youth Literacy Program. We seek to address two critical issues: 1) The Summer Reading Slide; 2) The High School Dropout Rate. 65% of 3rd Grade Students, cannot read proficiently. Those kids are more likely to drop out of high school.


The Foundation’s Youth Workforce, Career, and Business Development Program. A particular focus is placed on inspiring our Student-Athletes to envision a profession that matches their skills and interests. The Robotics & Coding Club is our featured club within this program.


Leadership is the art of influencing human behavior towards a goal or objective. Our Student Athletes learn how to utilize the power of their influence, for positive purposes. 


The second component of DRF’s Youth Literacy Program. Writing is a critical skill that impacts the following areas: 1) Communication; 2) Business Relations; 3) Creative Expression; 4) Self-Confidence; 5) Mental Exercising.


This is our Youth Educational Partnership Program, whereas we partner with Member-Schools to support and encourage our Student Athletes to emphasize the “Student” part of their hybrid identity. Our 5-Star Student Athlete Club evaluates the performance of our Student Athletes where it matters most: off the field. 


We encourage our Student Athletes to give back to the community. Teams work together to complete community service projects in the neighborhoods that our Student Athletes come from.

Utilizing the Power of Sports to Impact Communities

The 3D CHAMPS Youth Football Program was created in 2019 by the 3D CHAMPS Youth Organization and The Dunta Robinson Foundation. Both nonprofits operate independently, regarding their respective youth development programs. However, because they understand the power in collaborating towards common goals and objectives, they came together collectively to operate the 3D CHAMPS Youth Football Program.

For those who have signed up for the 2023 Robotics & Coding Club, here is the Club Schedule of activities.